You can do anything. A story about an amazing organisation, that is empowering those with disabilities.

A piece of writing about an organisation called Yoocandoanything.

Half way through August I posted my story, I let it all out, became vulnerable. I took control of my story, no longer was I going to hide this from the real world. Posting my story was a big deal for me, I haven’t shared everything, not yet. For the moment, I am only showing snippets, In the future I will share everything but all in good time. I shared because I needed to for me but I also want to help others. My name is Tim Hart, I was born with a rare disease known as congenital hand and foot difference, that is known as a central defect, which there is an absence of the central rays. Which essentially means I was born with two toes on each foot, and four fingers on each hand. I posted my story, it was a 2000-word piece which I posted on medium. I didn’t expect much of a response and after I posted the story it took me three days to share with my social media. I was scared, who wouldn’t be? I finally posted it.

When I finally shared the piece, I had an outpour of support and messages. What I found was there were a few organisations that kept coming up, the algorithm on Instagram is thorough and I kept seeing a couple of pages. Yoocandoanything was one of the pages suggested, and someone I didn’t know sent me an email and told me to get in touch with Yoocan. I finally followed the page. My tendency isn’t to instantly look through the entire Instagram profile. I look through the profile at a later date, when it pops into my feed and I have some down time. There was one morning at 1am after following the Yoocan page for a week. I clicked on the profile and I scrolled through reading the posts. After 20 minutes of scrolling through I found myself on their website. I was amazed, the stories of these strangers phenomenal, I felt connected with them. I found myself relating deeply to the stories I was reading. Before I knew it, I looked at the time and it was 2 am. I must mention I haven’t been sleeping well as of late, so this was a normal occurrence. I decided it was time for some sleep and tried to go to sleep, what I found was I couldn’t stop thinking about Yoocandoanything. The stories the message, I wish they existed when I was ten. I have strong empathy for those with disabilities, purely because I understand it at its rawest levels. I understand because I have lived it, cried over it, been broken time and time again. My disability is nothing compared to some, I was blessed, but I still want to try help others that maybe weren’t so blessed. I don’t even like to use the word disability, but whilst writing it serves a purpose as it gives my writing context. We are all humans, we all deserve to be treated in a humane way regardless of how it is we are born.

I decided to reach out and share my story with Yoocan, in which they posted it to their page. We had some contact and it has been nothing short of amazing. They asked me to write a post for them about Yoocan and I didn’t even hesitate.

Yoocandoanything does amazing things, they help people that might not have been that blessed, they understand in a way most don’t, they understand because I feel they lived it. What I feel is Yoocan are trying to empower others whilst connecting us. Living with a disability isn’t easy, it never will be, but little things can make such a massive impact. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of hope, yes this may be cliché, but it is real. If organisations such as yoocandoanything had of existed 10 years ago I know I would have excepted my story, my journey and my disability many years ago. My advice to those struggling is find a community, something that fits for you and use that community for support. Yoocan does this for many people, and it’s a truly beautiful thing to witness.

I have linked Yoocandoanything’s website below, defiantly check it out:

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